For us, the good reputation and clients satisfaction are very important, that's why our aim is to provide professional and timely service, from design to product delivery and after.  


 Generator, Prime power for industrial locomotive (mechanichal socket), 340 kVA powered by FPT IVECO

 Generator, Prime power of a Seaport Crane (canopy with rollup instead of doors), 410kVA powered by VOLVO PENTA.
 Generator, Prime power of Oil Rig school Platform (canopy silent type), 2x500kVA powered by MTU.  Generator, Stand-By power for Gas Factory (silent containerized solution), 800kVA powered by PERKINS. 

Zyraxes is a very different company. They have been in this business for a long time and have the know-how to build top of the line electric generators. Yet, unlike major manufacturers, they will customize the generator for you and at a lower price. The end result is a luxury generator, built with the components you want, and designed for what you want it to do, with a custom built automatization. And, since they're not a brand retailer, they will not try to push any major brand on you. They will analyze your needs and give you their advice on what's best for you in the price range that you want. They're not the cheapest, but I think they give you the best bang for the buck. As a local customer, based in Romania, it is also great to have their maintenance and service afterwards. Major brands are not famous for maintaining a good relation after the sale, since they're not a local company. They're most interested in selling, not in servicing afterwards.   Zyraxes is interested in keeping its customers happy, and for that they consider maintenance as a big part of the service they provide to their customers.  I was impressed with the way they treated me. I was skeptical at approaching them, initially, since they're clearly oriented towards big clients, and I only needed a residential 33kVA diesel generator for my (relatively large) home. Yet they treated me like any other client, informed me on the decisions I had to make, gave me technical data, and, in the end, gave me a good price quote on the generator I wanted. The end result is purring nicely in my back yard. The local electric company is unreliable enough, giving me ample opportunity to test it. It's a great diesel generator with a Perkins engine, great looking enclosure with sound insulation. I can barely hear it from the front of the house.

                  Cristian Francu - Romania
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