Our products are customized and generally based on special requirements, but we can do standards as well, both variants with low environmental impact. The range of our activity is from 9 kVA up to 2500 kVA and from this value up we can provide paralleling and synchronizing solutions.
     The project team will advise and recommend you which are the best options for your request, so that in the end you'll have a fully customized generator and panel, designed exactly for your needs. Whether you want to put in function the generator with a few hours before reaching home, just let us know and we'll offer you this possibility.



Motor Pump

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 Any of our innovative solutions of generating sets and motor pumps are available in different versions and based on internationally recognized quality standards.


  These types are: stationary, on rail road, marine auxiliary, open or with canopy, extremely compact configuration, silent and supersilent solution (55 dB(A)@1m), extended fuel tank, cooled solution (up to 55ºC), low temperature start-up devices, winding protection for more than 95% humidity, anti sand grid, special frequency and voltage (30-60 Hz 1300V-13kV) or almost any other special characteristic that client may require.

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