Diesel Industrial

Stationary Genset

   Diesel gensets are the best solution for standby and emergency power systems and are very well appropriated for peak shaving/ lopping  and power management  on several  large industrial and  commercial objectives. Our power range  are available from 9kVA to 2500 kVA. We are using modern and clean diesel engines for either standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and we believe that could be achieved only by delivering  the reliability, efficiency and versatility that our customers expect.




On Rail/Road Genset

   Developed on the basis of our standard products range or created especially as customers required, we offer offer reliable, specific and flexible  mobile solutions that can be used on railway/road applications. Rail industry is our best and confident customer. Currently, our specific line of railway gensets operates on several rail welding equipments, locomotives and passengers trains across Midle East, Costa Rica, South Africa, Algeria, Moldova and Romania. On other hand, our special products are designed for mobile road applications as fire fighting and emergency trucks, utility and mobile communications fleets and special military vehicles.    


Silent & Supersilent Genset

   Over the years, the noise pollution became stronger and stronger. That’s why one of our orientation is to produce much more silent generators which will meet silence needs of our customers. Our diesel generators inside of supersilent canopies and/or containers bring sound attenuation up to  62 dB at 7m. Moreover, for special requests we can offer ultrasilent solutions. 
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